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Backed by many years of working experience in the health care industry, MSISI has developed the most complete and advanced software solutions for the health care industry

Contract Administration, Sales Tracing and Rebate/Chargeback Processing and Sales Reporting

TRC allows customers to manage the challenges in dealing with contract bids, contract pricing approval and validation, as well as contract notification and renewal, with ease. Many leading med/surgical manufacturers have relied on TRC to perform this critical part of their business successfully. According to McKinsey, for the average manufacturer, a one-percent increase in price yields about 12% to the bottom line. By utilizing TRC properly, a half of one-percent improvement in contract pricing is certainly not out of the question. If you do the math, it is a great investment.

Based on data from our existing customers, about 15% of distributors’ rebate claims are questionable. TRC systematically (14 processes in total) examines rebates from distributors at each invoice level and generates variance reports based on discrepancies in their rebate claims. The variance report is formatted according to each distributor’s variance reporting requirement with detailed explanations of why a rebate claim in question is denied or reduced. Finally, we reconcile all rebates according to each manufacturer’s rebate settlement guidelines. By utilizing MSISI rebate reconciliation service, customers are confident that rebate claims from their distributors are verified and paid accurately.

Import, Translate and Cross-Reference of Distributor’s Date Sources, including Sales Tracing and Rebate/Chargeback

DataExchange is a powerful domain expert system, which translates raw data from your distributors in their proprietary formats (XLS, CSV, text, XML, EDI 844 & 867, PDF, Databases, etc.) into MSISI standard data formats. With its extensive internal knowledge base, raw data from distributors are scrubbed and cross referenced automatically to manufacturer’s identifiers, including distributor ids, customer ids, product ids, product UOM conversions, contracts, etc., and are then passed along to the TRC sales and rebate processing engine for further analysis.

Address Correction, Facility Matching, Consolidation and Classification, GPO Membership Management and GPO Reporting.

ACFM examines addresses from your distributors, as well as from your GPOs, etc. and deciphers inaccuracies or incomplete addresses to correct misspelled street names and inaccurate ZIP codes, cities and states. When addresses from different sources are corrected and standardized, ACFM then performs auto-matching of these addresses.

The internal matching capability that ACFM offers is unprecedented and has many different ways to quickly pinpoint potential matches effortlessly. It can even search the Web to find any relevant info on the address or entities in question in just one keystroke. Once matches are made, GPO sales can be managed and reported with the required information painlessly. ACFM also can complement CRM projects, order entry, mail delivery, etc.

Mobile Sales Analysis, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing), RFM (Refency, Frequency and Monetary) Analysis, Sales Quota Management, Sales Commissions Admins and Sales Trends and Profit Analysis.

MSA (Mobile Sales Analysis) is an OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) technology based sales reporting system. It performs multidimensional analysis of business data and provides the capability for complex calculations, trend analysis and sophisticated data modeling and graph capability. It offers instant data analysis and performs monthly, quarterly and YTD sales comparison. It also calculates sales quota, compensation, contract and product profitability, etc. and exports results in 14 different data formats – all with a click of a button. MSA includes a customer relationship management module. It also performs customer RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) Analysis, which allows companies to examine quantitatively their customers’ purchasing patterns, trends, etc., and take appropriate and timely actions in their marketing efforts.

Online Dynamic Web Reporting and Sales Analysis

ORSA is a dynamic web sales reporting and ad hoc query system. It provides and displays only the info that a user is authorized to access. ORSA does not require a client installation.